Kolina Meeting 2000

Kolina Meeting is the main event for all Eastern Finland AMCers. It's actually organized by Joensuu Hot Rod Drivers (JHRD), but there has always been a strong Rambler support in the meet so AMCCF decided to name it as a club event as well. It was a good idea, and Kari Sinkkonen basically just told everyone that this would also be an AMCCF happening and every Rambler agreed. It was also decided that next year and years after this the AMCCF presence at this meet would rise nicely...

Here's the lineup of the Ramblers in Kolina Meet. In the picture above (from right to left) first is Ari Tekokoski's '67 Rebel 770 Cross-Country 232, Helge Nygren's '66 Classic Cross-Country full-Kustom 232, Henna Kuskelin's '66 Classic Cross-Country 232 (yes, the cow-painted car), Sari Rouvinen's nice looking '67 American 232cid and last but not least Tero Kinnunen's orange '67 Rebel 660 4d 258. A nice lineup of 5 Ramblers.

This was the first meet Hege Nygren drove his Classic Kustom to (actually he was one of the main organizers of the meet). Just look at all the hard work he put into this car and I must say it simply beautiful. Not to say that it wasn't before, but I like chopped stw's for some strange reason... =)

As the night approached the record of people riding on a Rambler was made with Henna's Lehmä (cow in Finnish), if I remember correctly there were 15 people in and on the car. I wouldn't suggest doing this at home. =) Quite a site.



Since the Kolina Meet is an 'all-US-cars meet', there were plenty of other marques there as well. Here's a chevy doing his best to draw some attention... A cool picture indeed.

And here are some of the happy faces of the people from Kolina, beer was served in plenty and as you can see from the picture above it's popular in Eastern Finland to burn rubber in meets... Dangerous habit, but there's nothing quite like the smell of burning rubber in the sunset.... <grin>

Everyone had a good time, drunk or sober and here's couple of friends doing the tango (with girlfriends laughing beside the camera)...

Not many pictures, but just enough to give you a good idea of the event. A bit on the rowdy side compared to other AMCCF happenings, but not everyone likes to take it slow! =)