Cruising & Camping (Pori - Yyteri) 15-17.6.2001 (Järjestäjänä/Organizer Valtonen Janne)

Karzi lupautui kirjoittamaan tarkemman tapahtumaraportin Porin häppeningistä, joten sitä odotellen voitte nautiskella alla löytyvistä kuvista lyhyine englanninkielisine kuvauksineen.

Our first real club event was in held in Turku-Ruissalo last year (you can check the report on these pages) and so couple members decided that there should be more than just one Cruising & Camping event in a year and it was suggested that it would be organized in my hometown of Pori. I was excited as were all the other Pori members but I realized from the start that I was way too busy to actually start organizing the event and so the main responsibility was give to Janne Valtonen. As a first timer in this sort of thing there were some complications with holding up with schedules and such, but overall I think the event did the job it was organized for. Gathering of AMCers in a relaxing atmosphere in a nice place.

The event started on Friday, when people started showing up at the camping site (more on that later) and basically the whole day was just hanging out and taking your time to get to know other members and make new friends. Worked like a charm, and on Saturday everyone knew each other quite well. ;)

On Saturday, after waking up and eating on the high quality restaurant that was at the camp site (the food was delicious!) the cruising started. a few cars were missing from the cruising due to some minor problems with getting to Pori in time, but most showed up. We gathered in a local burgerjoint called Hesburger, mainly becouse it has a big and roomy parking lot and also it's the usual meeting place for cruises at my hometown. Let me tell you, it was awesome to cruise in my hometown with almost a dozen AMCs following... Nothing quite like it.

Here are a few more pictures from the parking place, some with owners, some just scenic pics of the cars. Most pics turned out quite well.All_1, All_2, AMCs, AMCs, AMCs, Javelin AMX '74, Javelin SST '71, Marlin '66, Rebel Cross-Country'67, Rebel'67 & '70, Rebel'67 & '70, Rebel Cross-Country&Hornet


So howabout this view in Finland!!! After the gathering we cruised around the city of Pori for a while and took a couple breaks as well, the best place to take a break during a cruise in Pori is a local gastation called Kespa, which is short for Kesoil (even though the gastation is now a Neste station). It's a meeting place for everyone that cruises the streets of Pori at night. Too bad it was just around 7-8 PM and nobody was there but us, but I kinda liked it that way, even if I would have been happy to cruise the city all night, but people we anxious to get back to the camping site and have a few beers and do some barbaquing, and just chill out. The weather was great all thru the happening, around 25-28 degrees celcius.


The main event of the weekend was the still the Camping part of the happening where there was time to hangout and actually take a close look at the cars and just reeeelax. Our club sport is the famous valve-cover throw contest, which was held during Saturday night. The winner of the contest was by a whopping 44 meters Timo Rytkönen, who actually was one of the people there that couldn't get their cars ready in time, but he had a blast. The price was (IIRC) a sixpack of Karhu beer.

Click here for more pics: Rearshot, Rebel, Hornet , Marlin, Marlin2, Rebels

Prices were given out at the meet of course and the winner of the 'best original AMC car' was Johanna Kölli's '74 Javelin AMX, Johanna also received the 'female member award'. 'Best non-original AMC car' was rewarded to A-V Nauha's '70 Hornet SST RWB, and the 'best try' was given to Raimo Vuorensivu's '65 Marlin which he drove to the meeting from Sweden. He bought the car a few weeks before during our visit to Sweden and he drove it straight from Haaparanta in Northern Finland to Pori.

There were suprisingly many newer Javelins present and I took some pretty good pics of them. Kari Kokkola's Javelin AMX '71 401 was beautiful as always, and Johanna's Javelin AMX 360 even won a price, but Kari Vilppola's '71 Javelin SST 360 shouldn't be forgotten, it's just one very good looking Jav.

1, 2, 3, Javelin AMX'74 Interior, Javelin AMX'74 Interior , Javelin SST '71, Javelin SST '71 Interior

There were 3 Rebels present as well, and here are a few pics of them. Pictured below are Tero Kinnunen's orange '67 Rebel 4D 258cid, which he drove from across the country from Joensuu, as did Tekokoski Ari his '67 Rebel Cross-Country 232cid. In the pictures you can also see Juha Makkonen's cool looking rock'n'roll '70 Rebel 4D 304cid which we drove to Sweden on our trip there.

(click here for a rear shot)

Look for updates and new pics later on...

8.8.2001 /A-V