Tampere Cruising 2002

The summer was practically nearing it's warmest end and I decided to drop by my neighbor town of Tampere on a late night cruising to check out the action there. Upon arrival I was positively suprised at the number of Ramblers there. Too bad I wasn't prepared to take pictures and all I had was one of those K-mart 'onetime' cameras (kertakäyttökamera) which didn't go well with the darkening evening. But still, hope you can make out something from these pics.

A mint condition '65 Classic 770 Cross-Country isn't something you see everyday. Exspecially one with air conditioning and power toys all around. A great looking car and sure did turn some heads at the cruising.... A nicely running 232cid sure is beautiful to hear.

Another Classic, this one being a '64 660(?) Sedan. I've always liked the front grille on '64 classics and this car was just what I was so direly looking for a few years back. =) Really a cool car and those rallye wheels sure give an interesting touch to the car. I liked it a lot. I hear the car had some engine problems, but let's hope they get that worked out this winter.

Howabout this mean looking '70 Hornet..? I had seen the car before, in Forssa Pick-Nick 2002. All in all it's in good condition and the new fat tires just give it an alltogether different look than it had at the Pick-Nick. Currently powered by a 232cid straight six, but I hear the owner is looking into putting a V8 under the hood.. We'll see what happens.

I was driving my RWB Hornet, and the trip itself went great. It seems all the hard work put into the machine is finally paying off.

It seemed that the Ramblers were attracting attention nicely and even the cops stopped by and admired the cars for a few seconds. It great to see that the police understand the value of having young people work on their cars instead of drinking and running wild on the streets at night.

The cruising itself was propably the first organized in Tampere in the last 2-3 years with over 50 cars. The total number of cars remained a mystery, but I guess it was around 150-200, which was quite a good turnout since it rained every now and then and the event hadn't been advertised that much. Let's hope they get the cruising itself running smoother next year! =)

/ A-V 2002