NAPA Shock Cross Reference (by John T Elle)

This is a list of shock absorber applications compiled from a 1996 NAPA Master Catalog of shocks and struts. The list includes the 3 basic grades of shock absorbers sold by NAPA and by implication all other manufactures of shock absorbers for these applications. It was compiled by comparing the recommend grade of shock by part number to the various models of automobiles. There are a few basic assumptions to this list which may cause a problem but that will have to be proven:

The purpose of this list is to be able to ask for a shock absorber for another automotive application to be used on your AMC or Rambler automobile.

NAPA numbers have been included only because I have them. In some cases if you give the parts counter a number they can cross reference it to what ever brand that they carry.

Not all automotive parts counters carry a full line of shocks in the brands that they have access to. That means that even though you know there is a heavy duty application the house brand manufacturer may not make it. I have had good luck with Gabriel, Monroe and KYB for the most part. Every one else will have there own experience.

Assumption 1. Where one shock fits, they will all fit. Heavy duty shocks are generally larger in diameter than lighter duty shocks. I do not think that will present a problem in AMC applications but where the shock number for the lighter duty shock also fit German and Japanese automobiles due to space considerations the heavy duty shock may not fit those cars but the odds are the shock from those cars will fit the AMC application.

Please note: As I worked my way through the application charts I found a lot of cross over applications that did not show up in the normal applications lists. Example Gremlin-four cylinder vs -6- or -8-. The light duty application for a 4 cylinder car was treated as an exception and had a completly different number list than the 6 or 8 cylinder applications. As I could find no physical reason why these shocks would not fit all applications I included them as a full cross over. This then linked various application charts together and opened up the applications to a very wide range of available shock absorbers that should physically fit the car.

Assumption 2. There was a very apparent pattern in that the lighter duty the shock was the larger the number of applications it would fit. In General after market will try to match performance levels of the original automobile. So in the case for example where a 4 cylinder Gremlin was listed to have only the light duty shock, knowing the suspension is the same as the 6 or 8 cylinder that the heavier shock would also fit.

Assumption 3 In some cases you may have to reuse the mounting hardware used on the car.

Except where it has been called out, there has been no attempt at this time to include the Pacer and the Eagle. That will change later.

94061, 94004, 94013 94049 NAPA gas charged Deluxe
5609 NAPA Premium Gas Charged
5809 & 5803 NAPA Sensa-Trac
3053, 3049, 2176,1125 NAPA Delux Heavy duty shock absorber

Shock Absorbers listing part number and application

These are Front Shocks
Monro-Matic plus 33053
American Motors-Ambassador, Matador, Rambler, Rebel
1970-1978, Front All
American Motors Javelin, AMX 1970-1974, Front All
American Motors Concorde AMX Spirit 1978-1983, Front All
American Motors Hornet and Gremlin 1970-1978, Front All

Ford Fairlane and Falcon Passenger andWagon 1966-1970, Front All
Ford Ranchero 1966-1971, Front All
Ford Torino, Elite, Cobra Passenger and Station wagon 1968-1971 Front All
Mercury Comet Passenger and Station Wagon 1966-1967, Front All
Mercury Montego & Cyclone Passenger and Station wagon 1968-1971,
Front All
Lincoln Versailles 1977-1980, Front All

These are Rear Shocks
Monroe-Matic Plus 31125

American Motors-Ambassador, Matador, Rambler, Rebel
(Start late '52) 1952 -1978, Rear (Exc./Air Susp.) All
American Motors Eagle 1980-1988. Rear All
American Motors-Javelin, AMX 1968-1974, Rear All
American Motors Concord, Spirit and AMX 1978-1983, rear All
American Motors Hornet and Gremlin 1971-1978, Rear All
American Motors American (100 inch Wheelbase),1958-1963, Rear All
American Motors American 1964-1969, Rear All
Nash and AMC Metropolitan 1954-1962, Rear All

Cheverolet Full Sized 1949-1957 ,Rear All
Chevrolet Camero all with multi-leaf rear springs inc. Z-28, 1968-1969 All
Chevrolet Corvette 1953-1962, Rear All
Ford Full Size 1965-1970, Rear All
Ford Custom &Custom 500 1971-1982, Rear All
Mercury Full Size 1965-1970, Rear All
Mercury Marquis 1971-1982, Rear All
Mercujry Moneterey 1971-1982, Rear All
Oldsmobile Cutlass, Cutlass Supreme, F-85 Station Wagon
1968-1972 Rear All
Packard (Standard Suspension) 1951-1956 Rear All
Isuzu Impulse 1983-1989, Rear All
Mazda Truck-Pickup Seiries 2 W.D. 1972-1984
Mazda truck Rotary pickup 1974-1978
Toyota Corona Passenger Car (RT110,112,114), Rear 1974-1978
Toyota Celica (RA-20, 21, 22, 24 & 29) 1970-1977
Toyota Corolla Passenger Car (TE71 & 72) Rear 1980-1983
Toyota Tercel 4wd Station Wagon (AL25), Rear 1983-1988
Nissan 410 & 411 Bluebird 1964-1966
Nissan 510 Passenger car Rear 1969-1973
Nissan 710 Passenger car Rear 1974-1977
Nissan 2000 Passenger car (Except Roadster) Rear 1967-1971
Opel Kadett all models Exc. Rally sport Rear 1978-1972
Opel Rekord 1.5, 1.7, 1.9, litre Coupe & Caravan, Rear 1963-1966