'70 Hornet SST 2D Sedan - My first AMC

This picture tells more than a thousand words. Basically the car was intact, but that was about it (though it had good front fenders). Note also that this car isn't crashed to that tree, it's just resting there

This car was my first AMC product. I bought it along with another Hornet (parts car) from a local guy whom had been been doing AMCs for several years and suddenly decided to swap over to the GM crowd, and so he sold off all his AMCs for very cheap. (For more detail about the deal I made see the parts car.)

The car was basically intact, and some of the rustwork had be completed a while back, including the floor panels and such, but the trunk and rear panel along with some other hard-to-fix places were totally shot, but thankfully I got enought spare parts in the deal to basically make this car a "do-able" project, a bit too hard for a starting AMCer like me, but I was nonetheless going to go ahead with it.

About two weeks after the purchase of this car, I got a call from an old man that was selling off his Hornet (my current V8 Hornet), which seemed to be in a LOT more better shape than this one. I thought about it hard, and decided that I was going to get it. And since I'm just a student and always in need of money, I had to sell off this car.

A friend of mine (Råberg Arto) had been reallly helpful to me during the transportation (which wouldn't have been possible without him) and buying of my first Hornets, and he seemed to be interested in this car. We discussed about the deal and he decided to buy this Hornet, and I decided to give off most of my 232cid parts and T-96J manual trannies along with this car, since I was going for the 304cid V8 anyway with my "to-be" Hornet.

So, this car is no longer mine, but thankfully it's going thru full restoration in capable hands.

Here are a few pics of the car which were taken when I first got it.